For more than 17 years, Erica Wise has been representing injured and disabled workers fight for their rights and benefits in their workers’ compensation cases.  Erica Wise is a Hearing Representative with the Law Offices of Goodchild & Duffy and possesses in depth knowledge of the California workers’ compensation legal system and is well versed in the finer points of the claims process.

Erica Wise has strong “applicant-only” experience and specializes in representing injured workers in catastrophic cases, traumatic brain injury cases, fibromyalgia and chronic regional pain syndromes cases.  She has represented a wide variety of employees in their workers’ compensation cases from Los Angeles Unified School District employees, law enforcement officers and safety members, City and County employees, union employees, blue collar employees and white collar employees all throughout Southern California.

She earned her Associates in the Arts degree from Pierce College and thereafter attended the University of West Los Angeles School of Law. She is associated with many workers’ compensation organizations and has attended many seminars, conferences and lectures sponsored by the California Applicant’s Attorney Association and Los Angeles Valley Applicants’ Attorney Association.

Erica Wise has played an integral role in organizing treating physician seminars and other medically oriented workers’ compensation seminars. She has spoken as a panelist at numerous seminars to discuss the new laws and trends in the workers’ compensation industry. She was also the producer of two (one legal and one medical) radio shows on Talk Radio 790 KABC.  She has assisted with the Los Angeles Valley Applicants Attorney Association monthly meetings as well as with the Education Committee for the California Brain Injury Association.

Erica Wise likes to make sure that the injured workers are well informed, and have an honest understanding of what to expect in their workers’ compensation cases.  She likes to work in an organized and efficient manner, moving the injured workers cases towards a successful settlement. Her drive and determination to champion the rights of the injured worker serves as a shining example to all.