Jack, Erica & your entire team,

Thank you for your support in these challenging times. Your support and expertise has helped me decisively in keeping my head above water the past two years. Yesterday I deposited my portion of the settlement which will replenish my life savings and prudent reserve that were depleted after the “bee incident”. I have set a side a position for future treatment to keep my recovery steady and transition into my next activities to contribute to society in a meaningful way. Thank you for being a living example of life lived on purpose. I am truly grateful that we crossed paths. It has been a relief, an education. It has been empowering and through your work I’m regaining hope in the bright side of humanity.

Wishing you happy holidays in health, prosperity, joy.

L.P. – 12/5/17


Erica Wise Handle my case with professionalism as well as compassion. From the first visit I felt at ease. Everything was explained so that I could understand what was happening with my case, what was expected of me and what I could expect. Whenever I had a question or concern she responded in a timely manner. She ensured  that I received proper care for my injury. Additionally, she managed my case so that I was well compensated. To the Law Offices of Goodchild & Duffy, thank you for all that you have done on my behalf.

A.H. – 11/5/17


Thank you for everything you did for me. I would recommend this law firm to anyone who needs someone to fight for them. Thank you Mr Goodchild and Mr Duffy

A.N. – 11/1/17


Appreciate the professionalism and support of all the staff, especially Erica Wise.  She helped me navigate the difficult world of Worker’s Compensation.

L.Y. – 9/25/17


Liz was great getting my medical appointments scheduled so fast. She set me up with a great doctor that didn’t just treat me like a number, yet made me feel like a human being.  The doctor and his staff as well as Jack Goodchild’s staff has made me feel more at ease and reassured that I am on the right track and fighting to get my health back! Thank you.

M.M. – 7/6/17


Thank you to Jack for settling my case for more than what I could have ever imagined and helping me get out of this system. You have the greatest team and I can’t thank Erica and Abraham enough for always answering my questions and taking my calls. I know I ask a lot of questions, but being an injured worker can make you feel scared and unsure and alone. I appreciate you all for being so patient and understanding, even when you sometimes saw me at my worst. You guys are the best!

R.G. – 4/28/17



Mr. Goodchild handled my workers comp case and Mr. Duffy handled my social security case. My wife and I are very happy with everything. I had the best doctors and didn’t have to go through the horror stories you hear. My surgery was approved and I was able to recover. Although, I didn’t want to do my social security case anymore, since I got all better and got a better job and went back to work, I still appreciate everything Mr. Duffy did for me. I know he had my back and best gameplan for me. Thank you.

H.T. – 2/9/17



Thank you for freeing me from this work compensation system nightmare! Cheers and Happy New Year! I’m going to quote from Erica’s motivation board: “YOU HAVE TO FIGHT THROUGH SOME BAD DAYS TO EARN THE BEST DAYS OF YOUR LIFE.” This is so true.

C.S. – 12/2/16


I cannot say thank you enough! Jack and his family like staff (Erica & Betty) took great care of me during this daunting and emotional 16 year worker’s comp rollercoaster ride. There were times I was certain I wouldn’t make it to the end but I was always assured that behind the scenes my team had my back and would see to it that I’d be ok. Well…my case settled and the Law Offices of Goodchild and Duffy kept their promise…I AM MORE than ok! Thanks so much family, I appreciate all of your efforts and will definitely recommend your services to anyone that’s in need of an honest and effective attorney to fight for them. Thank you, thank you, thank you. OH…did I say THANK U?! 🙂

T.T. – 10/1/16


I am so pleased and grateful to Patrick Duffy and his staff of capable and compassionate professionals.  My case was a difficult one, as I am sure most case are, but they never gave up on me or my right to be heard.  When it came to my deposition, I fully expected to have someone from the “Team” be there to represent me, but it was Mr. Duffy himself!  He helped me through a difficult day to say the least and at the end, I was more determine to stand up for myself then I was going into the process.

In the end, we worked out a fair and equitable settlement and Erica Wise talked me through the whole settlement making sure I understood every part of it before signing anything! My settlement was not large by most standards, but they never treated me that way,thank you Erica!

Alba Archila, was also a great source of information and help, thank you!

I would recommend anyone to this team of Legal Eagles!  They have restored my faith in the system!  I was sent to them by a friend and I am thankful to them for encouraging me.  My case was not just about the money.  It was about justice and fairness and being treated like a valued human being.

J.A. – 8/22/16


Martha is wonderful! She always listens to me and helps me and takes down my messages. Sometimes I feel like I’m rambling on and on and on. She is so caring and so sweet! Thank you.

O.W. – 6/13/16



T.S. – 3/1/16


A very professional team, caring, patient and understanding you must work with these guys for all personal injury and workmans comp case.

D.D. – 12/4/15


I am so grateful I chose this law firm. The support staff are very knowledgeable in assisting me and making sure I am informed and up to date. The workers’ compensation system is very frustrating and can be very complicated.  It is very stressful, but I’m glad I don’t have to do this all on my own.  Thank you Erica Wise for assisting in my case with Jack,  and showing me the positive light and helping motivate me to be strong and transition on in my life to bigger and better things.

D.R. – 10/7/15


Jack came highly recommended to me, after my original attorney passed away. Jack listened to what had happened to me, then got to work. His staff worked hard on my behalf and Jack thought of everything possible to help my health situation improve, as well as getting me a settlement that fit my injuries. I could not recommend Jack more highly. He genuinely cared about me the person, not me the handicapped person. Jack, I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for my family and me.

L.S. – 9/19/15


I strongly recommend Law Offices of Goodchild & Duffy and their incredible team. Jack is friendly, professional, and most importantly worked hard to resolve my case. It’s not easy finding a trusted legal partner, but I was happily surprised with the genuine approach to fighting for my best interest. I retained them immediately after our first call, and was so impressed with how easy they were to deal with from start to finish. Without a doubt, I will continue to use Law Offices of Goodchild & Duffy as my go-to recommendation for friends and family. I could not have asked for a better experience.

N.M. – 9/17/15


There are so many attorneys that work nationwide, amongst all of them Jack Goodchild and Patrick Duffy stand out, because of the way in which they handle their clients cases.  I commend them for their professional outstanding service.  They definitely have their clients best interest at heart.  When my case was settled, my impression of them was absolutely correct.  The staff was always kind and considerate. They had complete knowledge of what was necessary in order to give peace of mind in the process. Overall, I would definitely recommend this law firm above all others to any individual who has workman’s compensation needs.  Thank you very much. God bless.

P.S. – The Goodchild & Duffy law firm won me a large settlement which has enabled me to re-start my life.

L.W. – 8/27/15